DIY endless card tutorial

7 February 2020

Create something from the heart this Valentine’s Day. Check out our awesome DIY Endless Card, which makes a lovely personalized gift for your special someone. It’s easy, cheap and only takes a few materials to make!

You will need: 

  • 4 x square photo prints (you can print them here)
  • Scissors 
  • Double-sided tape (you can also use glue) 

1. Cut all square photos in half, two horizontally and two vertically.

2. Lay out your 8 strips. Fold one strip in half vertically. Then fold the right side to the center of the print, then the left side. Then unfold it, so you have 3 even creases on each strip.

3. Repeat step 2 with all 8 strips. 

4. Lay out photo upside down so the blank side is facing up. Make sure the photo is rotated so the print is upside down, as well as flipped around. For example, lay your bottom photo out like below, but with the blank side facing up.

5. Place tape in the 4 corners, then remove the cover.

6. Place the second print onto the tape and stick it down with the image facing upwards.

7. Then fold open the card from the center so it looks like this: 

8. Place double sided tape as shown in the below image, and place the third photo on top with the image facing up.

9. Then open the card from the center again and place the tape, so it looks like this:

10. Place the last image on top with the print facing upwards and stick down.

11. Your endless card is now complete! From the team at Photo Prints Now, we hope you enjoyed making this awesome gift for the special people in your life!

To print your own photos & start making your endless card, start here:

1. Visit

2. Upload your photos and select 4 x 4 print size. You will need to print at least 4 images to create the card. We recommend printing 8, just in case!

3. We'll send your order to your selected CVS Pharmacy and they'll have your prints ready to be picked up on the very same day.