Frequently Asked Questions About Printing From Your Phone With Photo Prints Now:

Q:  What is Photo Prints Now?
A:  Photo Prints Now is a mobile app for your phone which sends your pictures to CVS locations.

Q:  Does the app work with the Kodak Kiosk Connect?
A:  Photo Prints Now can send your photos directly to CVS locations without using the Kodak photo kiosk.

Q: Can I Print Instagram pictures?
A:  Yes.  You can print photos from your favorite social media accounts including Instagram and Facebook.

Q: How can I print my dropbox pictures with Photo Prints Now?
A: Open the PhotoPrintsNow App. Swipe from Right to Left on the top part of the screen where it shows, “Local Photos”, “Instagram”, “Facebook” etc. You’ll see an option for Dropbox. Tap the Dropbox Icon. Follow the Login Prompts. Once you’re logged in, tap the Dropbox Icon again to view folders in your dropbox account. Select the folder you want to print from. Tap on the photo area (away from the folder selection menu) to view the photos in that folder.

Q: Is Photo Prints Now owned by CVS?
A: No, Photo Prints now is developed by an independent product lab, MEA and is not owned by CVS Photo.

Q: Is Photo Prints Now a Shutterfly company?
A: No, Photo Prints now is developed by an independent product lab, MEA and is not owned by Shutterfly.

Q:  Is this app similar to freeprints?
A:  Free Prints sends out prints via postal service and you are required to pay shipping charges.  With Photo Prints now, there are no shipping charges because you pickup your prints in the store.  Depending on the order size and product selected the price can actually lower than using Free Prints due to the shipping.

Q: How long will my prints take to develop at CVS?
A: 1 Hour is the typical time it takes to get your pictures developed at CVS with Photo Prints Now. Depending on how busy the specific store is, it sometimes can take longer.

Q: What kind of paper will my prints be printed on?
A: Photo Prints Now uses premium Kodak paper. There are many type of photo paper – Your memories deserve the best. Specifically we use Kodak XtraLife II paper.

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