Our Story

In the past it was difficult to get your stuff into your computer. Digital mail was us opening up an envelope and scanning it into the computer. Letters, pictures, newspapers, photos. We’d fiddle with software drivers, plug in funny looking cables connecting loud machines. And eventually we would get our stuff digitized.

At least back then we knew how to get our pictures developed. Take your rolls of film down to the local pharmacy and get them back in a week. A week turned into same day film developing when the photo equipment moved in next to the penicillin. From there we went to prints in one hour available at most places.

Next came the lost years. The years of digital cameras with expensive memory cards. It was very difficult to develop your pictures back then. If you were lucky enough to understand all the connectors, you could hook up your camera to a computer or a kiosk in the store.

Today our phones have replaced our computers as well as digital cameras. If we don’t touch them every few minutes panic sets in. Today we have the opposite problem. We can’t get our stuff out of our phones. We’re tinkering with smaller cables than before, but software is clumsy and it’s painful. Eventually we can get our stuff out of our phones if you’re patient enough and have a few hours to waste.

For this reason we invented the Photo Prints Now app. Our app makes it super simple to select the images you wish to print and then send them to your local CVS location. Our photo printing app is super fast. You don’t even have to pay for the prints in the app! You pay at the store when you pick them up. Set your photos free!

Photo Prints Now gets your pictures out of your phone and into your hands. Prints are wonderful gifts, card stuffers and treasured memories. Our app for Android phones is by far the simplest app to print your phone’s photos. Have an iPhone? We also make the Photo Prints Now app for iPhone and iPad.

Our printing apps have hundreds of five star reviews. They’re fast and simple to use. Try them out now!

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